Hyper-V did not find virtual machines to import


When doing some export and imports of the VM using Hyper-V I found an issue related to security. When System Centre VMM is used in the environment, a security ID is placed on all VM. This security ID stops you from importing the VM into Hyper-V.

When importing via the GUI you get the following message;


While doing some testing I found the following section inside the virtual machine configuration file.


<sd type=”string”>O:S-1-0-0D:(OA;;CC;5cf72d6e-61d5-4fbe-a05c-1e3c28d742fa;;S-1-5-21-4026737508-1815974660-2349268802-1111)(OA;;CC;5cf72d6e-61d5-4fbe-a05c-1e3c28d742fa;;S-1-5-21-4026737508-1815974660-2349268802-1109)(OA;;CC;5cf72d6e-61d5-4fbe-a05c-1e3c28d742fa;;S-1-5-21-4026737508-1815974660-2349268802-1107)(OA;;CC;5cf72d6e-61d5-4fbe-a05c-1e3c28d742fa;;S-1-5-21-4026737508-1815974660-2349268802-1110)(OA;;CC;5cf72d6e-61d5-4fbe-a05c-1e3c28d742fa;;S-1-5-21-4026737508-1815974660-2349268802-1105)(OA;;CC;5cf72d6e-61d5-4fbe-a05c-1e3c28d742fa;;DA)(OA;;CC;5cf72d6e-61d5-4fbe-a05c-1e3c28d742fa;;S-1-5-21-4026737508-1815974660-2349268802-1104)(OA;;CC;5cf72d6e-61d5-4fbe-a05c-1e3c28d742fa;;S-1-5-21-4026737508-1815974660-2349268802-500)</sd>



The quick fix is to remove this security element from the xml configuration file.

I have also found that this happens when you remove a Hyper-V from a domain or VMM structure without first removing the virtual. In this case Hyper-V will report no Virtual Machines found on the Hyper-V server. To correct this, remove the security from the configuration files and refresh Hyper-V manager. The virtual machines will all appear again.


3 thoughts on “Hyper-V did not find virtual machines to import

    • It is normally the permissions on the files or the security tag. If the tag is not there then I would be checking the permissions on the files. Just reset the NTFS permissions on the folder structure so Hyper-V can access them.

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